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At St. Ambrose College, we follow the OCR A specification. The published specification and past papers can all be downloaded from here:

Students will sit the G484 examination in January and the G485 examination in May/June of their A2 year. Module G486 is a coursework module and will be internally assessed at a convenient point in the A2 year.

It is strongly advised that students download and complete every past paper possible when revising, as well as making notes from revision guides and class notes.

Notes and resources (Copyright Mr Azzopardi)

NB You need adobe reader for this work - download it for free here:



G484 Module 1 4.1.1 NEWTONS LAWS.pdf

G484 Module 1 4.1.2 Collisions.pdf

G484 Module 2 4.2.1CIRCULAR MOTION.pdf

G484 Module 2 4.2.2 Gravitational Fields a.pdf

G484 Module 2 4.2.2 Gravitational Fields b.pdf

G484 Module 2 4.2.3 Simple Harmonic Oscillations a.pdf

G484 Module 2 4.2.3 Simple harmonic Oscillations b.pdf

G484 Module 3 4.3.1 Solid liquid and gas.pdf

G484 Module 3 4.3.2 Temperature.pdf

G484 Module 3 4.3.3 Thermal Properties of Materials.pdf

G484 Module 3 4.3.4 Ideal Gases.pdf

G485 5.1.1 ELECTRIC FIELDS.pdf

G485 5.1.2 Magnetic Fields a.pdf 

G485 5.1.2 Magnetic Fields b.pdf

G485 5.1.3 Electromagnetism a.pdf 

G485 5.1.3 Electromagnetism b.pdf 

G485 5.2.1 Capacitors a.pdf

G485 5.2.1 Capacitors b.pdf 

G485 5.3.1 The Nuclear Atom.pdf 

G485 5.3.2 Fundamental Particles.pdf 

G485 5.3.3 RADIOACTIVITY.pdf

G485 5.3.4 Fission and Fusion.pdf 

G485 5.4.1 X-rays.pdf 

G485 5.4.2 Diagnosis Methods.pdf

G485 5.4.3 Ultrasound.pdf 

G485 5.5.1 Structure of the Universe.pdf 

G485 5.5.2 Universe Evolution.pdf 

Self-study practice questions and mark schemes (MS Word needed)


G484 Topic Question packs G485 Topic Question packs

G484 Module 1 Newtons Laws and Momentum questions.doc

G484 Module 1 Newtons Laws and Momentum questions MS.doc

G484 Module 2 Circular Motion and SHM questions.doc

G484 Module 2 Circular Motion and SHM questions MS.doc

G484 Module 3 Thermal Physics questions.doc

G484 Module 3 Thermal Physics questions MS.doc














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