Governor Exclusion Appeal


Right of Appeal for Fixed period exclusion of more than 5 and up to and including 15 school days in total in one term, or where a public examination would be missed.

Parents/Carers have the right to request a meeting to the school’s Governor Discipline Committee to whom you may make representations and a request for the decision of the Principal to exclude, to be reviewed.

As the length of the exclusion is more than 5 school days in one term the discipline committee must meet if you request it to do so.

The latest date by which the governing body must meet is 50 school days from the date of notification to Governors.  If you do wish to make representations to the governing body and wish to be accompanied by a friend or representative please contact Mrs Howard at the College ( as soon as possible.

Please advise if you have a disability or special needs which would affect your ability to attend a meeting at the school.

Also, please inform Mrs Howard if it would be helpful for you to have an interpreter present at the meeting.

If you think this exclusion relates to a disability your child has, and you think disability discrimination has occurred, you can also make a claim of disability discrimination to the SEN and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST),, Telephone: 01325 289 350.Making a claim would not affect your right to make representations to the governing body. 

Thank you.