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Bullying is unacceptable at Saint Ambrose

Bullying is any deliberate, hurtful, upsetting, frightening or threatening behaviour by an individual or a group towards other people. It is repeated over a period of time and it is very difficult for the victims to defend themselves (remember STOP – it happens Several Times On Purpose).  Bullying is an act of injustice; it is mean and results in worry, fear, pain and distress to the victim/s.   It is contrary to the ethos and values of Saint Ambrose College which include compassion and concern for all.



Statement of Intent:

We believe

  • Every person in our school is born in God’s image and likeness
  • Every person in our school should grow and learn and flourish without fear
  • Every person is part of our community and has the right to be respected
  • Every person in our school has the responsibility to ensure that human rights are respected
  • Bullying is unacceptable and will not be tolerated
  • Bullying has two victims the person being bullied and the person bullying; both are worthy of compassion and need assistance
  • If someone has been a victim, or has seen someone being bullied, then find a person at school and TELL them so SPEAK OUT and STAND UP against this injustice