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Edmund Rice Awards

The Edmund Rice Awards Scheme was established in 1994 in Ireland in order to encourage young people to respond to the needs of their local community in the spirit of Edmund Rice.

The scheme encourages students to deliver a valuable service to their community, and expose them to the realities of social injustice and marginalisation. It provides a rare opportunity for young people to make a significant difference to the lives of local community members.

The scheme involves reflection sessions to be conducted in school and provides the opportunity for the students to assess their own voluntary work. Such sessions are also aimed at educating students about the life and work of Edmund Rice.

Voluntary work may be undertaken individually or in groups; all that is asked is that students conduct at least 20 hours of voluntary service over the course of the year.

If you are interested in joining the ‘Edmund Rice Awards Scheme’ at St Ambrose College please see Mrs Richardson.

The ‘Edmund Rice Award’ is awarded each Presentation Evening. Last year 13 boys received the award.

From working in a Charity Shop at the weekend, to helping at an Old People’s Home after school, the above boys have devoted far more than 20 hours of voluntary service over the course of the year and will be deservedly commended for this.

As Ofsted said during a previous inspection:

“Students' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding. The school has a positive, caring ethos which fosters respect for others. The boys develop a rich understanding of other faiths and communities, and a sense of social justice, through a range of activities, such as voluntary work with vulnerable groups in local communities and extensive fundraising”.