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Edmund Rice Development

‘Edmund Rice Development’ (known as ERD) is a development organisation based in Dublin inspired by the life and vision of Edmund Rice.  ERD works with people living in the world's poorest communities and aims to transform their lives for the better. Inspired by the vision and legacy of Blessed Edmund Rice, Edmund Rice Development is today working with people living in poverty in India, Bolivia, Peru, the Philippines and nine countries across Africa.  ERD seeks to tackle the root causes of poverty and oppression through informal education programmes and schools, human rights and advocacy initiatives, HIV and AIDS programmes, and income generation and livelihoods projects. ERD is well supported by all twelve Edmund Rice schools in England; in January 2016 St Edward’s College in Liverpool gave a fantastic £25,000 to ERD.

Because of funds donated to them by us, the community of St Ambrose College, ERD has recently been able to build a wonderful new extension at St Ambrose Academy in Sierra Leone. St Ambrose Academy is our ‘sister school’ in Freetown, Sierra Leone:

The best thing about ERD is that a minimum of 90% of donations to ERD goes directly to the projects in the field with the remainder used to contribute to administration, governance and fundraising costs. In this age of seemingly endless cold-calling from charities and understandable public suspicion as to the destination of charity donations, it is good to know that ERD uses only the bare minimum of donations on admin.

You may be interested to compare the figure of 90% that ERD publishes against how other charities use their donations:

ERD are absolutely committed to using donations that they receive to work with people in the world’s poorest communities to transform their lives and so at St Ambrose College we are always looking for ways to donate to ERD and help them continue their good work.

Examples of help that we have given to ERD:

  • We donate the money raised by pupils and staff from the Annual Sponsored Walk to ERD which goes towards running costs at St Ambrose Academy in Sierra Leone.
  • Mrs Alford and her son, Ken, coordinated the delivery of gifts for orphaned children at St Ambrose Academy in Sierra Leone in Christmas 2015.

If you are interested in running a fundraising initiative to raise funds for ERD then please speak to your Form Tutor. There are plenty of fundraising ideas here:

If as a parent or guardian the work of ERD interests you then you may feel driven to organise your own fundraising initiative for ERD or you may even like to make a direct contribution to ERD:

It is worth comparing ERD’s designation of donations to others charities: