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Assessments and Reports

Continuous Assessment

At St Ambrose College we view assessment as an integral part of the teaching and learning process.  We also recognise the importance of ensuring that students themselves are increasingly aware and responsible for their own progress to ensure that they become independent learners.

Assessment is essential to ensure that every student acquires the knowledge, understanding and skills to progress from Key Stage 3, make sound option choices and then succeed in their GCSEs and beyond.

Student progress is monitored through regular marking and feedback. In addition to this, students are formally assessed at various points across a term. The methodologies chosen to assess students, and the frequency at which they are assessed, are dependent on the skills and knowledge being studied at the time and on the subject being taught, but will include examinations and tests, presentations, practical assignments and controlled assessments. The information gleaned from assessment allows us to establish how effectively our students are learning and can be used to design intervention to help them improve.

More information for each of the key stages can be found below in the attached explanatory documents.

Interim Assessments and full reports

An interim assessment and full report will be available each year to assist with monitoring of pupil's progress.  Assessment information will be released via the Parent Portal website.

Date Year  
w/c 18/11/2019 5th, L6 & U6  Interim Assessment
w/c 09/12/2019 3rd & 4th Interim Assessment
w/c 16/12/2019 1st & 2nd Interim Assessment
w/c 24/02/2020 U6 Full Report
w/c 16/03/2020 5th Full Report
w/c 23/03/2020 1st, 2nd & 3rd Interim Assessment
w/c 23/03/2020 4th Full Report
w/c 08/06/2020 1st, 2nd & 3rd Full Report
w/c 15/06/2020 4th Interim Assessment
w/c 22/06/2020 L6 Full Report