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Edmund Rice Schools

Edmund Rice Schools Network

Saint Ambrose College is one of twelve schools in England in the Edmund Rice Schools Network.  In 1940 the De La Salle Brothers of Les Vauxbelet’s College in Guernsey evacuated the island and re-established their school in our local area.     “St Ambrose College” was officially opened in 1942, named in honour of St Ambrose of Milan, but also as a nod of thanks towards the local Bishop Ambrose Moriarty.  The De La Salle Brothers returned to Guernsey following the liberation of the Channel Islands and in September 1945, but at the request of the Bishop, the Christian Brothers took responsibility for St Ambrose College.  Whilst no Christian Brothers have taught at St Ambrose College since the 1990s, the charism of the founder of the Christian Brothers, Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice, is retained at the heart of all that we do.

Prior to their departure the Christian Brothers' Leadership Team outlined the ‘Eight Essentials of Christian Brother Education’ specifically for the laity of the English schools meaning that whilst the twelve Edmund Rice schools in England are a diverse bunch, they share a common bond and educational vision that are encapsulated in these ‘Eight Essentials’.  These 'Eight Essentials' have always existed but never needed to be explicitly outlined, until that is, the English schools became devoid of Brothers working within them.  These ‘Eight Essentials’ are for both teachers, students and support staff alike; a framework around which to structure their working lives.

  1. Evangelising the Modern World
  2. Promoting the Spiritual
  3. Building a Christian Community
  4. Compassion for those in Need
  5. Concern for the Whole Person
  6. Striving for Excellence
  7. Education as a Christian Calling
  8. Education for Justice