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The school houses are Aquinas, Augustine, Ignatius and Newman.

The community structure of the Houses is established by family surname.  All brothers who come to the College are placed in the same House.   

Form Groups meet every morning from 9:00am until 9:15am.  House Assemblies (Years 7 – 13) take place once a week for each House.

Ethos of the House System

The guiding principles of the House System are the Eight Essentials:

  • The building of a Christian community
  • The Evangelisation of the modern world
  • Awareness of the Spiritual
  • Concern for the Whole Person
  • Striving for Excellence
  • Education for Justice
  • Compassion for the weak
  • Teaching as a Christian vocation

The House system encourages:

 A positive competitive ethos based upon engagement and action which extends and enriches the individual within the context of a global Christian community.

House Points

Boys earn House Points which have both an individual and a collective importance. The system is designed to reward both academic excellence and a commitment to a range of activities that develop the whole person and reinforce the importance of service.  By rewarding extension and enrichment activities (any extracurricular activity/charity work etc.), the House system acknowledges all the additional activities that students embrace during their time at the College.

The principle of service is integral to the House culture

One hour of service equates to one House Point.

Check out the House Points calculator below or on the student portal home page to see which house is in the lead.