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Key Stage 3

Physics, Biology and Chemistry are taught as a series of modules alongside each other to provide an introduction to key ideas and bring all students to the same baseline understanding before making their GCSE option choices.  In each of the three years students will have a combined summer exam with questions from all three sciences on it. Science is a practical subject and many of the topics are investigated by demonstrations and/or student experiments.


Year 7 Topics Year 8 Topics Year 9 Topics
Biology : Cells, Reproduction and Ecosystems Biology: Circulatory System, Diet and Health Biology: Cells, Mitosis and Stem Cells, Transport in Cells, Forensic Science
Chemistry: Safety and HSW, Particles, Acids and Alkalis

Chemistry: Chemical Reactions, Earth and Atmosphere

Chemistry: Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Chemistry of the Atmosphere, Using Resources
Physics: Forces, Waves and Space Physics: Energy, Electricity and Magnetism Physics: Energy and Electricity