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The data below is based on students taking public examinations in the Summer 2023 series.  

Key Stage 4 – 2023
  • 100% of the year group achieved GCSE passes at grade 4 and above in English and mathematics
  • 95% of the year group achieved GCSE passes at grade 5 and above in English and mathematics
  • The Attainment 8 score for this cohort was 72.79 and the average Attainment grade was 7.28
  • The Progress 8 score for this cohort was 1.00
  • 50.6% of students entered the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) with 44.4% achieving it
  • 66% of exams were graded 9 – 7
  • The percentage of pupils achieving grades 9 – 7 in English and mathematics was the highest ever: 56.7% compared with 48.6% in 2019
  • 5 ‘high-flying’ pupils achieved the maximum of 90 Attainment 8 points

Following these results, the majority of the Saint Ambrose College students will continue their education at the school studying A-levels, being joined in the sixth form by a number of students from other schools. 

KEY STAGE 5 - 2023
  • Higher than 2019 in spite of a return to pre-pandemic grading arrangements
  • Average points per entry 39.89 (grade B) at A-level
  • A pass rate of 99.5% at grades A*-E
  • 64.7% of A-level grades achieved at A*-B

The school continues to have a very successful record of supporting students to gain entry to their chosen courses at Russell Group Universities, including Oxford, Durham and Imperial College, London as well as Princeton, New Jersey. 

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