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St Ambrose Parents' Association (SAPA)

About SAPA

The St Ambrose Parents' Association (SAPA) is an excellent way to bring together parents of the prep school and the college to raise money and to support both schools.

All parents of St Ambrose students (Prep and College) are automatically members of SAPA.   Our aim is to promote both schools, forge positive links through enjoyable events and activities, and obviously, to raise funds to support and develop the schools.

Since its inception in 1947 SAPA has raised over £1 million.   These funds have helped to pay for Computer equipment, musical instruments, minibuses, cricket nets, play equipment for the Prep playgrounds, trim trails and raised garden beds for the Prep, and the new swimming pool when the College was rebuilt in 2012.

Get Involved

To plan our events and fundraising, we meet on the second Monday of every month in the College at 7pm, just for an hour. We also hold an annual general meeting in June. Please come along and share your ideas.

Contact Us

If you would like more details about SAPA please email

SAPA also has its own website with lots of information about the events and activities organised throughout the year.




Deputy Chair



Communications Officer

Committee member

Neil Priestner and Lynda Nempotakis

Mark Lilley

Cathy McBride

Neil Priestner


Mark Lilley

Brett Winter-Roach

Honorary members

Samantha Alford

Steve Tiernan

Samantha Hall

Liz Keeling

Tony Webster

Simon Marsden

Andy Egan

Chris Hutchinson

Peter O'Connor

Will Bonning

Elaine Cannon

Adam Collantine

Trish Collantine

David Godsmark

Julie Hindmarsh

Honorary Vice presidents

Mike Hetherington

Mike Foley

Margaret Kerr