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Committees and Governor Links

Governance structure


Separate committees are set up to ensure policies and procedures are correctly adopted throughout the whole school.

Finance & Resources Committee

  • To review the formal budget plan each financial year for recommendation to the Board for approval
  • To establish and maintain a 3 year financial plan
  • To consider and review the budget position statement (including virement decisions) at least termly giving particular regard to any significant anomalies from the anticipated position
  • To ensure that the school operates within financial regulations and complies with any financial management standards
  • To agree the financial scheme of delegation;
    • the Principal will have full delegated powers to authorise expenditure in line with the agreed budget (or virement of funds) not in excess of £15,000
    • the Finance Committee will have delegated powers to authorise expenditure of an amount of money (or virements) not in excess of £50,000
    • the Trust Board will authorise expenditure over £50,000
    • All virements* of funds must be reported to the full Governing Board
  • To monitor expenditure of all voluntary funds / school fund
  • To ensure, as far as is practical, that Health and Safety issues are appropriately prioritised including the maintenance and development of the school’s premises. (including use by outside users)
  • In consultation with the Principal to oversee premises-related funding bids
  • To establish and keep under review any Policies relating to; Finance, Personnel,Building, Accessibility, Pay, Procurement, Charges & Remission
  • To monitoring the adequacy and effectiveness of the Academy's systems of internal control (including review of the statement of internal control) and its arrangements for risk management, control and governance processes and for securing economy, efficiency and effectiveness (value for money).
  • Review and monitor the Risk Register
  • To keep under review the staffing structure
  • To keep under review staff work/life balance, working conditions and well-being, including the monitoring of absence
  • To ensure enhanced DBS and appropriate checks are carried out for all staff, Governors and volunteers.
Disqualification – Any relevant person employed to work at the school other than as the Principal and Finance Manager, when the subject for consideration is the pay or performance review of any person employed to work at the school

PUPIL WELFARE, curriculum & standards committee

  • To consider and review standards of achievement and school performance and other matters relating to the school’s curriculum, including statutory requirements and the National Curriculum
  • To monitor and review Policies, in relation to : Curriculum, Safeguarding, Behaviour, Equality & Diversity, Inclusion, British values and Prevent.
  • To oversee arrangements for Linked/Named Governors in specific areas of provision, eg SEND, Safeguarding (or other School Priorities).
  • To oversee Safeguarding arrangements and related Policies.
  • To ensure the targeted use of Pupil Premium funding and to review and monitor the impact on outcomes for pupils
  • To review Policy and provision for collective worship, RE and Sex Education
  • To ensure compliance with ‘Eight Essentials of Christian Brother Education’.

hearings committee & appeals committee

  • To make any determination to dismiss any member of staff (unless delegated to the Principal)
  • To make any decisions under the Governing Board’s Personnel procedures e.g. disciplinary, grievance, capability where the Principal is the subject of the action*
  • To consider any appeal against a decision short of dismissal under the Governing Board’s personnel procedures e.g. disciplinary, grievance, capability
  • To consider any appeal against selection for redundancy

Membership – not less than 3 members of the Governing Board subject to availability and impartiality

Disqualification – The Principal


complaints appeal panel committee

  • To consider any Complaints at the final stage of the Complaints procedure
  • To refer to and comply with the Complaints Policy and procedure
  • To consider the Complaint and decide whether to uphold or dismiss it, in whole or in part
  • To consider and make any recommendations to the Board in order to avoid similar complaints arising in the future
  • To recommend any changes necessary to the Complaints Policy or process

Membership – not less than 3 members of the Governing Board subject to availability and impartiality

Disqualification – The Principal

admissions committee

  • To determine within statutory provisions and the Governing Board Admissions Policy whether any child should be admitted to the school
  • To review admissions arrangements and to make recommendations for changes to the Governing Board


pupil discipline committee

  • To consider representations from parents in the case of exclusions of 5 days or less (Committee may not re-instate)
  • To consider representations from parents in the case of exclusions totallingmore than 5 but not more than 15 school days in one term (meeting to be held between 6th and 50th school days after receiving notice of the exclusion)
  • To consider the appropriateness of any permanent exclusion or any exclusionwhere one or more fixed period exclusions total more than 15 school days in one term or where a pupil is denied the chance to take a public examination(meeting to be held between 6th and 15th school days after receiving notice of the exclusion)
  • To ensure that theDfE guidance is followed in the school, with specific reference to the role assigned to the Governing Board
  • To review a decision to uphold a permanent exclusion subject to direction or recommendation to do so by an Independent Review Panel.
  • To review the School Behaviour and Discipline Policy, and make recommendations on changes to the Governing Board or relevant committee
Membership – 3 or 5 NB: The Governing Board may nominate a pool of governors from which three or five will serve as the Discipline Committee to consider particular exclusions. If a governor has a connection with the pupil or the incident that could affect their ability to act impartially they should not serve at the hearing. If, through
non-attendance of a governor, four members consider an exclusion, the chair has the casting vote.
Disqualification – The Principal, Any Governor with prior knowledge of the pupil or the incident.

principal's performance management committee

  • To arrange to meet with the External Adviser ( External Professional) to discuss the Principal’s performance targets
  • To decide, with the support of the External Adviser, whether the targets have been met and to set new targets annually
  • To meet annually monitor through the year the performance of the Principal against the targets (with a short review half way through the year.)
  • To make recommendations to the Finance Committee in respect of awards for the successful meeting of targets set
Membership – 2 or 3 Governors (including the Chair)

pay review committee

  • to oversee, implementation and administration of the Pay Policy.
  • to ensure that appropriate funding is allocated for pay within the schools’ staffing structure and pay policy, with regard to planned and potential determinations on performance pay progression
  • to handle appeals, if the matter cannot be resolved informally.
  • to have responsibility for pay determinations in accordance with the pay and appraisal policies on behalf of the Governing Board
  • to seek professional advice from the Local Authority, Diocesan Authority or others, as necessary;
  • to attend relevant training as appropriate
Membership The Pay Committee could be made up of three members of the Governing Board.
Disqualification – The Principal


In addition to being a member of the Full Governing body Governors take on 'link positions' generally covering an area of personal expertise and assist the school senior leadership team.

Governor        Department Links
Mr Arthur        Creative Arts, Design & Technology, Safeguarding, 
Dr Byrne          Drama, Humanities 
Dr Goodwin    Science, Catholic Life, Religious Education (Chair of Governors)  
Mr Itua             English
Mrs Kiernan    Mathematics
Mr Lewis          Computing, Modern Foreign Languages 
Mr McHale      Health & Safety
Mr Riley           Sport
Mrs Rose         Sixth Form, Music (joint Vice Chair of Governors)  
Dr Simpson    Safeguarding, Pupil Premium
Dr Tavernor   Careers, PHSE, RSE, SEND (joint Vice Chair of Governors)  
Mrs Whittle    GDPR, Support/Admin Staff, Wellbeing